Week 3 – Classmate Conversation – Christine Kim

For our first classmate conversation, I interviewed Christine Kim. After she conducted her interview of me, I asked her a few questions as well. I took a new approach and asked her questions that have either had something to do with my life or had been weighing on my own mind. Christine is not resentful towards her parents for anything at this point in her life, but she has forgiven them for things that have happened in the past. She believes that her social skills have developed through personal experiences outside of the home and that kids tend to grow into opposite personalties of their parents. At one point in her life she had to end a long friendship because of the negative presence of her best friend’s boyfriend. Sad yet truthful, Christine mentioned that sex and “love” blinded her friend from seeing the harmful tendencies of her boyfriend. Much like myself, she believes that school is not necessarily helping her progress in life. Her parents urged her towards a practical major and she followed through with it; she believes that it will lead to a solid job. My favorite thing about her situation is that she keeps a very positive and progressive mindset through everything, it is all leading towards a bigger and more spiritually/personally important end goal. In 20 years (40 years old), Christine sees herself with no family, having mastered her craft (whatever that happens to be), and balancing everything else in stride. She plans to travel and use her hobbies for fun and/or extra income. IMG_3146.jpg


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