Week 7 – Artist Conversation – Andrea L. Williams

Info Block:

Artist: Andrea Lauren Williams

Exhibition: Sacrifice

Media: Ceramic, Clay, Cement, Paint

Gallery: School of Art – Gatov West

Website: http://mrsdubbayoo.weebly.com/

Instagram: andreawilliammms

About the Artist:

Andrea Williams is an undergraduate student at CSULB pursuing a major in Ceramics. Williams is extremely enthusiastic and bright; her presence felt like a ball of energy lighting up the room. Music and art have always played a large role in her life but this exhibit explores the sacrifices she makes in her life as a mother, wife, student, and artist.

Formal Analysis:

Williams uses cement to create altars, leaving the surface rough and bumpy. She appreciates working with her hands and her imperfections are accepted but not distracting. The paintings on the altars are also very well-done. Although they are graphic, they are accepted because of the religious nature. Overall, the exhibit is visually appealing.

Content Analysis:

Williams’ work carries a religious feel throughout, which is fitting because of the concept of sacrifice. She is exploring this idea while she makes sacrifices in her own life because of her new motherhood, spousal duties, and studies. As she goes through these sacrifices, her body and mind are both changing and she channels this through her work.


I love dark, religious inspired work so this exhibit was particularly enjoyable. I loved the look of the red paint on a grey background, a color combination that is tried and true. Although I am not religious nor a woman, I would understand her struggles in her daily life due to my knowledge of both fields. Her work is pure expression and I value that highly.



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