Week 8 – Classmate Conversation

This week I had a thoroughly enjoyable conversation with my new buddy, Brandon Nhem. After participating in the group discussion last week, I saw that we had similar interests in film. This week we spoke about a variety of topics. To start off, Brandon is taking this class to fulfill the GE Art requirement. This is his first year at CSULB and has not declared a major yet. His first memorable experience with any form of art was a stop motion film he made; shortly after this he transitioned to making short videos. Once we began talking about film, Brandon lit up. He mentioned that he truly appreciates all the aspects of film and all of the work that goes into it. I through the conversation off topic by asking if he feels like school is just occupying empty time rather than invigorating him and he replied that it just occupies his time as of now. I was surprised to learn that he was originally a nursing major, he had even taken classes for it in high school to better prepare himself. This led to a conversation about how 18 year olds are suddenly thrown into making intense decisions about their future just a few shorts months after high school. We agreed that we are still too young both physically and mentally to make that decision, especially because we are not exposed to much up until college.I made the point that life feels structured sometimes, almost laid out for us before we even get to indulge. Brandon’s first impression of Prof. Zucman is that he is very comfortable with who he is, something Brandon admires and strives to be one day. image000000.jpg


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