Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Jennifer Chen

Artist: Jennifer Chen
Exhibition: Succession
Media: Digital Printing,
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West
Website: N/A
Instagram: N/A

About the Artist:

Chen is a graduate here at CSULB in the art program of print-making. Before exploring the arts, she obtained a bachelor’s degree in biology. After she graduates with her degree in Art, she wants to teach art classes.

Formal Analysis:

Chen’s work is interesting, and could be labeled as “multi-media”. She starts with an image either from google maps or one she takes herself and once she prints them she edits them by hand using screens and gloss. The images are somewhat distorted and are all vastly different, as they are real landscapes. A lot of the lines are jagged because of the distortion and have an odd texture.

Content Analysis:

As the name of the exhibit states, Chen is exploring succession in her art. Specifically succession in nature, which is to say the un/natural changes that occur all around us in our environment. She uses google maps/Earth to document these changes in landscapes and further alters them, creating a new landscape within itself.

My Experience:

Upon walking into this exhibit I was immediately intrigued by these pieces of art; there was so much familiarity here (assumably because of the appearance of google earth). I love the colors that exist in nature and her editing truly brought these colors out. Each image drew me in and I yearned to touch them because of the interesting textures.


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