Extra Credit: Art Experience Feedback

This semester my favorite art experience was the Cuisine and Beyond experience. It was my favorite category of art and I was able to fully interact with what I created.My second favorite would have to be the Instagram day because I was given a sneak peak into my classmate’s lives. Lastly, I really enjoyed the graffiti writing because it was a less formal form of art.

My least favorite art experiences was Moonrise Alpha purely because of the poor organization of it. I think it would’ve been my favorite had there been a better way for people to get everyone’s character names at one time. Second is Automatic drawing because i felt as though there were expectations to set it up perfectly when some of us don’t always have the time to pull a scene like that together. Thirdly, geocaching grinder my gears because almost all of the ones i found were missing! The system is far too user-trust based.

In all, this class has been very fun. I think a smaller room would really benefit the social aspect of the class.

  • Your 3 favorite activities this semester, and a few words about why
  • Your 3 least favorite activities this semester, and a few words about why
  • Any other feedback on the class – fun? boring? easy? hard? relevant? irrelevant? useful? useless? etc
  • What could make the class better?

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