Week 13 – Art Experiences (2)

Because of my absence on Thursday of Week 13 and my personal matter over the weekend, I did two art experiences for week 13! The first is the Drawing (French Girls) activity, and the second is the Kickstarter experience!

Drawing (French Girls):

French Girls is a picture/drawing app for the iPhone and it seemed to have reached its peak in popularity some odd years ago. I used a selfie I took awhile back and drew it myself after waiting a couple of days for someone else to draw it for free, to no avail. I was pleasantly surprised with how it turned out to be honest. I then drew a picture I selected from the randomized group of pictures given to me by the app. Although this app did not appear to be frequently used by the masses, I may continue to use it occasionally to draw myself.


Fashion: In this assignment we are asked to compare two kickstarter pages from two different categories. First, I selected the fashion category and right off the bat I noticed an interesting thumbnail. This turned out to be a very informational, relatively short video that quickly and deeply displayed the item. the cinematography not too simple and not too over the top, while the narrator doesn’t make any attempts to distract the viewer from the item being sold. They enlist the viewer to invest in a product that solves a problem.

Secondly, the poorly constructed kickstarter ad for “That Guy” t-shirts fails to create a innovative product and original identity for itself. The video isn’t made very well and the product itself can be easily compared to numerous other no-name brands at gas stations nationwide.





Because there are thousands upon thousands of people out there who think that have an artistic vision good enough to direct something for even the smallest screen, it took quite awhile to find one I authentically enjoyed. The first is fora documentary called The Rise of the Synths. It is effective because of its relation to both Drive and Back to the Future, both largely popular in their own rights. The subject of study is quite interesting and crosses both genre and preference boundaries.


The kickstarter I have included as the lame choice of the two, fails to separate itself from the number of cringe-worthy parodies that have surfaced over the years. Only, this one is shot on a worse camera. Not much about the story is included and lacks confidence.




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