Week 13 – Classmate Conversation 1

In order to make up for missing the classmate conversation from week 13, I did two during week 14.

I spoke with Jerry Pleitez during our time in the garden and it was a light conversation. His last name interested me, and  it turns out that he is of Hispanic heritage. This is his 2nd year at CSULB and is taking this class as a GE. Jerry thinks Prof. Zucman is a chill guy, a sentiment that I share. His favorite thing about CSULB is its proximity to his house but his least favorite is that there isn’t a men’s soccer team. There isn’t one certain song that he has been listening to a lot lately, but he is a fan of all music. So far, this class has taught him that art has no definition nor boundaries. He is a business major! I forgot to get a picture with him in the midst of the sketching at the Japanese Gardens so I am sorry about that!



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