Week 15 – Artist Conversation 1 – Chelsea Blecha

Artist: Chelsea Blecha

Exhibition: Mixed Aesthetic

Media: Watercolor, Pencil

Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Gatov Gallery West

Website: chelseablecha.com

Instagram: @chelseablecha

About the Artist:

Blecha is set to graduate this year with her degree in Illustration. She has set her sights on job at Pixar as a concept artist. Having been drawing for years, she only recently developed the style she currently has.

Formal Analysis:

Each piece is carefully framed and the drawings are done on white drawing paper. She has a skateboard hung up which has been painted on, disrupting the normal appearance of framed drawings. The lines are smooth and fluid and the shading is done in such a way that it blends and blurs things together.

Content Analysis:

Blecha mentioned several times that she is heavily inspired by travel and meeting different people, something visible in her artwork. There are beautiful sketches of houses, bridges, hands, and animals. The skateboard is glimpse into her past. She constantly draws from her emotions rather than drawing purely for aesthetic.

My Experience:

In a large group show like this, it is difficult to really get a one on one feeling but Blecha tried give us some insight right off the bat. I particularly enjoyed her personality because she was eager to answer our questions directly rather than the vague answers we typically get from most artists. She really does have a knack for giving her artwork life and I truly can see her woking for Pixar one day. Her style fit her personality and her dream job.


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